Travel and Tourism

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Our clients are leading hotels, restaurants, spas and hospitality-related organization whose focus includes developing valuable alliances and cross-promotional relationships within the entertainment sector; as well as not-for-profit consumer events and exhibits.


124 Queen Hotel & Spa

Public Relations Planning in collaboration with
Mantesso Marketing & Communications Network

Hilton Toronto (AOR)

2003 – 2008

Hilton Canada 

Children’s Cancer Foundation Gold Ribbon Gala

Vintage Hotels (AOR)

2004 – 2008

Prince of Wales Hotel | Queen’s Landing Inn | Pillar and the Post

Cirillo’s Culinary Academy (AOR)

2005 – 2010

Pretty In Pink Spa Studio

Public Relations Planning

Junior League of Toronto

DelecTABLE Designs

Imago Restaurants

Ross Mayer Designs

International Typography Design Exposition